Business / Entrepreneurship (B/E) Network of The Maheshwari Mahasabha of North America


·    Promote / encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the community members.

·  Create a support group to assist the community members in setting up / growing the business

·  Help business-to-business networking


Design, develop and implement a business / entrepreneurship ecosystem that enables the fulfillment of the mission of this group.


  • Raj Asava
  • Vimal Sodhani
  • Jitendra Muchhal


· Conduct survey to determine the B/E needs and interests of the Maheshwari community in the US & Canada

· Establish a Mentor database of qualified Maheshwaris willing to impart knowledge and experience to those interested in B/E track

·  Establish a Mentee database of individuals interested in the B/E track

·  Establish and enable Mentor/Mentee networking opportunities

· Conduct educational webinars

· Establish B/E presence on the MMNA web

· Participate in other MMNA group/initiatives; specifically:

·   RAYS, Education, Regional Chapters

·   Program to be launched

·   Quarterly “learning” Webinars

·   Main session & a breakout session at the IMRC 2018

·   B/E Award

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