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Support to help people affected by the earthquake in Nepal

05/05/2015 9:42 PM | Ashish Daga (Administrator)

As all of you are aware, shortly before noon on Saturday, a massive 7.8 earthquake struck central Nepal near the densely populated city of Kathmandu.  Within moments, countless homes, buildings and temples collapsed, killing nearly 4000 people and injuring many more.  As the death toll mounts and aftershocks continue, cries for help have gone out from the government of Nepal. People are sleeping in the open, fearful of returning to their homes.
- By Parag Bajaj


  • 05/05/2015 9:44 PM | Ashish Daga (Administrator)
    This is the time we should do it & I also agree to this proposal. While we r finalizing the channel & way to send, let's start collecting the funds.
    BTW we will also need easy & quick way to do the transactions. Any thoughts/ideas.
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