MMNA COVID Relief Effort for India

MMNA will also be contributing $5000 from its funds to SEWA INTERNATIONAL!!!

By now you would be aware of the unprecedented healthcare crisis hitting all across India. Daily outbreak of new COVID 19 cases continue to increase with each passing day setting new records. In this hour of crisis help and support is pouring in from all over the world. Multiple Indian American Organizations have also joined hands in raising funds, supplying essential items like Oxygen Concentrators and in setting up a Medical Support Hub.

Our community has always risen to the occasion at such times of crisis and provided the needed support.  A group of Office bearers representing MMNA National Executive Committee (NEC), Board of Trustees (BOT) and some active volunteers met yesterday to ascertain how our Organization can help and ensure it reaches as soon as possible.

After reviewing various options, it was decided that MMNA would collaborate with Sewa International USA. SEWA International has footprint on the ground; they are already in the process of mobilizing funds and have started buying Oxygen concentrators from international vendors, delivering it to the needy. They are also arranging other things as needed.

MMNA will also be contributing $5000 from its funds to SEWA INTERNATIONAL

We request all to come forward and donate to this united effort and save lives! Please send your tax-deductible contributions directly to Sewa International by using the link below.

Sewa International USA is a well-trusted 4-Star rated nonprofit organization from USA that has impressive record from decades of providing relief services throughout the world by selfless army of volunteers.

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