South West Chapter





The Southwest Chapter consists of six vibrant states AR,CO,LA,NM,OK,TX We strive hard to push our physical distance boundaries and create stronger Maheshwari Bond in Samaj with 110+ families to keep us motivated.

Our Chapter celebrates Makar Sankranti, Holi, Gangaur, Karwa Chauth, Teej, Diwali together, We also do a summer / fall picnic / camp which is attended by 50+ families staying together for over 2-3 nights.


Chatpter Committee

Please get in touch with one of our Committee members, join our Facebook Group  and Most importantly – Register yourself on the Free Membership although we do encourage highly to become life members.

Upcoming Events



Role Last Name First Name Email Phone
BOT Member Zamwar Narendra  Restricted Content is accessible after Member Login
President Maheshwari Rupalee
Vice President (Houston) Kabra Harish
Vice President (Austin) Chitlange Vijay
Vice President (Dallas) Devpura Abhinav
Treasurer & Secretary (Houston) Phafat Ashish
Treasurer (Austin) Rathi Laxmikant
Treasurer (Dallas) Mundhada Sourabh
Cultural Lead (Houston) Bhutada Shradha
Cultural Lead (Austin) Atal Apurva
Cultural Lead (Dallas) Jaju Pratiksha
Communications and Sports Lead (Houston) Baheti Rajiv
Secretary (Austin) Malani Deepak
Communications Lead (Dallas) Lathi Abhilasha
Technology Lead (Houston) Bhattad Laxmikant
Technology Lead (Dallas) Mundada Parth
Sakhi Coordinator Mundra Manisha
Sakhi Coordinator Lohiya Radhika