Education Reports

Important Note: We have resumed the publication of reports for this crucial MMNA initiative, aiming to promote awareness, maintain transparency, and disseminate information.

Due to the intricacies of formatting, book balancing, and web publishing, the process will require a significant amount of time. However, rather than waiting to complete all tasks, the committee has decided to publish the most recent data while simultaneously working on previous years’ information.

In the event that you discover any missing or inaccurate records pertaining to your involvement, we encourage you to submit this form & provide the necessary details for correction. For urgent matters or if you prefer to communicate directly with me or leave a message, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 864-863-1010 or leave a message on WhatsApp using the same number.

Thank you for your cooperation.


MMNA Education Initiative provides interest-free loans to Maheshwari students pursuing higher education in the US (undergraduate or graduate). You can find more information about this initiative at . This initiative is only possible due to generous donations from our community members. At the IMRC organized in 2022, 78 community members pledged a cumulative donation of ~$131,000 to the initiative. We are very much thankful to these community members and the past recipients of this loan program who have paid their dues. This helps us to make the funds available for the incoming batch of students and make a difference in their lives. It is your continued support that sustains our mission and makes all the difference. 

On the auspicious occasion of Holi and as promised at IMRC 2022 in Houston, we performed a raffle to pick 3 lucky winners from the donors who generously pledged their donations during the convention. We are grateful to Asha ji and ShriNarayan ji Chandak for sponsoring the raffle prizes. Congratulations to all 3 donors and below you can find their photos and a brief message from them:


Monty, Kirti, Ruchika, and Gaurav Rathi from Ooltewah, Tennessee

Lucky winners of the Apple iPad

“Thank you and honored to support students and MMNA with great initiatives overcome for our community. Every student needs self-knowledge, inspiring models, learning strategies, and creating processes and tools. We are glad to be part of this community and thoughts.”
Sharad & Kalpana Malpani from Skokie, Illinois

Lucky winners of the Apple Watch

The desire to learn is the first step in creating a strong career and future for oneself. The next step is accessing education. Unfortunately, accessing education is not always easy or financially in reach. The MMNA Education Initiative helps bridge the gap between those with a strong desire to learn and education, and we couldn’t be more honored to support this wonderful program. This program can help a lot of students within our community and we are excited to see what the recipients of these loans achieve!
Praveen & Shilpa Baheti from Vienna, Virginia

Lucky winners of Apple Airpods

“The Bahethi Family Foundation (BFF) is dedicated to promoting equitable access to quality education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), with a primary focus on serving lower socioeconomic areas. Our mission is to ensure that every student, regardless of their socioeconomic status, has the opportunity to receive quality education in STEM. We believe that STEM education is essential for personal and societal advancement, and we are committed to supporting future STEM careers through quality education and well regarded programs. At BFF, we understand that there are significant disparities in educational achievement, particularly in underserved communities. We are committed to empowering the educational community in STEM to promote equitable learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We aim to help close the educational and achievement gaps. Thus, at BFF we want to make a positive impact in STEM by empowering the educational community in underserved areas. We believe that investing in quality education will create positive opportunities for future generations in STEM.”



Reports from the financial year 2023 (until June 15th)

In the interest of transparency and to highlight the impact of the MMNA Education Initiative, we are glad to release the following reports based on our most up to date records. If you notice any discrepancy or any error, please excuse us and submit this form & provide the necessary details

Summary for 2023:

(donors/ students)
Donations Pledged by: 20 members Pledged: $46,052
Donated by: 20 members Donation Received: $45,538
Loans Loans recovered: 4 Amount recovered: $9500
Loans disbursed: 9 Amount disbursed:  $27,000


Donations received (please note that a lot of donations pledged during IMRC 2022 were collected during the year 2023 and hence will be reflected in the reports of 2023):

Name (alphabetical order) Amount pledged Donation Amount Received
Ankur Rathi $500 $500
Bharat Pallod $1,501 $1,501
Deepa Randad $500 $500
Ganesh & Shalini Lahoty $1,000 $1,000
Kishor Lohiya $1,000 $1,000
Monty & Kirti Rathi $5,001 $5,001
Naveen Sarda $500 $500
Om & Alpana Maniyar $501 $501
Pramesh Maheshwari $2,500 $2,500
Rohit Bajaj $98 $98
Sharad Malani $1,000 $986
Shilpa Bahethi $25,000 $25,000
Sudharshan Bhutra $500 $500
Sudhirji Sekhsariya $1,000 $1,000
Sunil and Surekha Soni $500 $500
Vijay Daga $250 $250
Yogesh Maheshwari $2500 $2,000
Anonymous $201 $201
No name on the check
(TX Anesthesia pain center, p o box 271622,
Houston, TX 77277)
$1000 $1,000
No name on the check (Cyber grant) $1000 $1,000
TOTAL $46,052 $45,538

Loans recovered:

Student name (alphabetical order) Amount recovered
Biyani Roshni $1,000.00
Biyani Roshni $1,000.00
Lahoti Naman $2,500.00
Lahoti Naman $2,500.00
Sodhani Ankita $2,000.00
Tapadiya Anjali $500
TOTAL $9,500.00

Loans disbursed:

Student name (alphabetical order) Amount disbursed
Bhutada Ruchika $3,000
Bhutada Ruchika $3,000
Chandak Mahima $3,000
Daga Pratik $2,500
Disha Tapadiya $3,000
Jaiswal Harshita $3,000
Kasat Vineet $2,000
Mantri Brijesh $3,000
Mohta Nikita $2,000
Rathi Anjali $2,500
TOTAL $27,000


Reports from the financial year 2022

Summary for 2022:

(donors/ students)
Donations Pledged by: 58 members Pledged: $85,151
Donated by: 23 members Donation Received: $35,241
Loans Loans recovered: 9 Amount recovered: $20,620
Loans disbursed: 28 Amount disbursed: $72,000


Donations received (please note that a lot of donations pledged during IMRC 2022 were collected during the year 2023 and hence will be reflected in the reports of 2023):

Name (alphabetical order) Amount pledged Donation Amount Received
A J Gallagher $10,000 $0
Abhilasha & Bharat Rathi $500 $501
Abhimanyu Mucchal $100 $100
Ajay Rathi $100 $0
Ajay Shobha Aggarwal $1,001 $0
Anushri & Piyush Jajoo $500 $0
Archna & Airbhay Maheshwari $500 $0
Ashwin & Snehal Saboo $500 $0
Ashwini Yogesh Kasat $10,001 $10,001
Brij & Prema Malani $2,000 $0
Canada Chapter $1,000 $0
Dikshant Rathi $500 $500
Elephant Company LLC $1,000 $1,000
Ghansham & Sashi Sarda $1,000 $0
Girish Naik $501 $501
Gopal Lakhani $1,000 $1,000
Hari Attal $501 $501
Harish & Shashi Jajoo $1,000 $0
Hiralal Maheshwari $1,000 $0
Jagdish & Rakhu Laddha $500 $0
Jay Kabad $2,000 $0
Kalpana Malani $1,001 $1,001
Kapil & Saahil Bajaj $100 $0
Kartikeya Baldawa $5,000 $0
Kavita, Bharat, Namita Pallod $2,500 $0
Madhura & Sanket Bajaj $2,100 $2,100
Mahesh Lunai $500 $500
Manish Kothari $250 $250
Many Gandhi $501 $0
Megha Maheshwari $1,000 $1,000
Monty & Kirti Rathi $5,001 $0
N Y Life Ramesh $1,000 $0
Narottam Mundra $1,000 $0
Parag Bajaj $1,000 $1,001
Piyush Jajoo $500 $500
Priti & Pankaj Rathi $1,000 $0
Purshottam Garg $1,000 $0
Raj & Minal Biyani $500 $0
Raj Maheshwari $1,001 $1,001
Rajendra & Anuradha Rathi $501 $0
Rajesh Kabra $201 $0
Rajesh Swati Lahoti $500 $0
Ramesh Maheshwari $5,000 $0
RAYS $605 $0
Renu & Sachin Taparia $1,001 $1,001
Sharad Malani $1,000 $0
Shilpa Malani $932.16 $932
Shilpa Rathi $100 $0
Shruti Bihani $250 $350
Srilatha & Rajeev Aluru $500 $501
Subhash & Shaila Mantri $1,000 $0
Sunil & Archna Bhattad $500 $0
Sunil Soni $500 $500
Sushil Nawal $2,100 $5,500
Sushma & Vijay Pallod $5,001 $0
Swetha $100 $0
Vasant Prabha Rathi $5,001 $5,000
Vinod & Nilam Mantri $201 $0
TOTAL $85,151 $35,241

Loans recovered:

Student name (alphabetical order) Loan amounts recovered)
Bang Akash Praveen $3,000
Biyani Roshni $100
Biyani Roshni $900
Dhoot Anuj $500
Dhoot Anuj $500
Dhoot Anuj $500
Dhoot Anuj $1,500
Dhruv Loya $1,000
Holani Shubham $1,500
Maheshwari Darshil $3,000
Parwal Umesh $3,000
Rathi Ojaswi $3,120
Tapadiya Anjali $500
Tapadiya Anjali $500
Tapadiya Anjali $500
Tapadiya Anjali $500
TOTAL $20,620


Loans disbursed: 

Student name (alphabetical order) Loan amount disbursed
Baheti Anjali $2,000
Bajaj Kreerti $3,000
Bajaj Kreerti $2,000
Bhaiya Darpan $2,500
Bhaiya Darshan $2,500
Chandak Sejal $2,500
Daga Aaditya $1,000
Daga Anshul $2,500
Daga Pratik $2,000
Dalia Shrikumar $3,000
Dhoot Siddhesh $2,500
Gagdani Sarthak $2,000
Gattani Divya $3,000
Gattani Krishna $3,000
Harshalkumar Loya $2,500
Kasat Vineet $3,000
Laddha Yash $2,500
Lahoti Naman $2,000
Mohta Nikita $3,000
Mundada Natasha $2,500
Pallod Gaurav $2,500
Randad Dhruvika $1,000
Randad Harshal $3,000
Rathi Anjali $2,500
Rathi Bhavika $3,000
Rathi Gaurav $2,500
Rathi Madhav $3,000
sarda Hritik $2,500
Zamwar Nikunj $1,000
Zamwar Nikunj $2,000
TOTAL $72,000