Business & Entrepreneurship Track (BET)


The MMNA Business & Entrepreneurship Track (BET) was established to:

  • Encourage and foster the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst community members.
  • Establish a network of business experts to assist entrepreneurs, as well as established businesses – right from starting a business, to effectively running and growing it into a successful enterprise.
  • Enable business-to-business networking – initially between businesses owned/managed by community members in US; then growing it to include businesses owned/managed by community members in India; followed by businesses owned/managed by community members anywhere in the world.
Core Focus

Design, develop and implement a Business & Entrepreneurship ecosystem that enables the fulfillment of the above-mentioned mission of BET.

Guiding Principle

The Business & Entrepreneurship Track will operate as part of the MMNA organization and will be guided by the overall strategy and the recently established “Vision 20/20 for 2020!” of MMNA.

Core Team Members

  • Raj Gopal Asava, Chair\
  • Jitendra Muchhal, NEC-VP, Liaison Member
  • Sweta Maheshwari, RAYS, Liaison Member
  • Vandana Daga, Sakhi, Liaison Member

Plans and discussions are underway to add 3 to 5 additional members to the committee, representing other key areas of MMNA: RAYS, Sakhi, Education, and Regional Chapters

Advisory Group Members

  • Ramesh Bhutada, TX
  • Jugal Malani, TX
  • Vimal Sodhani, NJ
  • Vikas Bhutada, MI

Objectives & Goals

Year 1

  • Establish a BET core team

  • Establish BET presence on the MMNA website

  • Conduct educational webinars on relevant topics

  • Poll community members to determine their expectations from BET

  • Establish a Mentor database of qualified community members willing to impart business knowledge & expertise,

as well as well as share real life business situational experiences

  • Establish a Mentee database of individuals interested in Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Enable multiple Mentor/Mentee networking opportunities through the year – virtually and in person

  • Liaison with other MMNA group and initiatives; specifically: RAYS, Education, Regional Chapters, RASS (Seniors) 


    • Establish a core team of 4 to 6 individuals, and an advisory group of 4 to 6 individuals

    • Launch the initial Business & Entrepreneurship ecosystem system of 10+ Mentors, benefiting 25+ community members interested in Business & Entrepreneurship

    • Conduct two Business & Entrepreneurship oriented Webinars

    • Conduct a BET breakout session during the 2018 IMRC Convention

Year 2 

  • Develop a comprehensive Strategic Plan for BET

  • Launch Business & Entrepreneurship award program (various categories)

Year 3

  • Be recognized by mainstream as one of the best BET