Professional Network (ProNet)


MMNA ProNet would:

Connect MMNA professionals to make them more productive and successful, there by enabling the professional progress of our Community



1. Provide a networking platform for members in North America
2. Help professionals gain exposure (to industries, functions, and career paths)
3. Help develop careers through mentorship opportunities


Core Team Members

  • Ajay Mundra
  • Manoj Gandhi
  • Purva Rathi (RAYS)
  • Somesh Baldawa
  • Pooja Lakhotia
NEC Reps/ Advisors

  • Abhilasha Rathi
  • Swapnil Chandak


  1. Form the CORE team
  2. Define and gain alignment on vision and goals
  3. Plan and execute short term / long term goals
    1. Establish and maintain social media communication
    2. Organize relevant events
    3. Develop and maintain database of MMNA Professionals
    4. Institute a mentorship program
    5. Enable ProNet activities within MMNA Chapters