MMNA Education Committee

Education is a very vital and powerful element in everyone’s life. When you don’t have anything, education is the tool to build yourself up. It helps you become a better person, a great leader, and most importantly teaches you between good and bad. While having material wealth sounds convenient, it is the knowledge that truly fulfills one’s needs in life. Education is something no one can take away from you and that is why we are so fortunate to be part of a community that values it so much.

Every year our community donates the most to education, providing opportunities to the next generation that they didn’t have before. Since we started our education committee and recording records, we have helped 169 students with over $500,000 in loans for the past two decades.

The past year has been difficult for everyone and students are no exception – that’s why we’re calling for your help now more than ever. With your donations, we can make sure no student is left behind while also giving you the benefits of tax breaks. Please reach out to us at or call us for more info.

For more information on how to apply for a student loan, please check out our application page and guidelines. For any questions or concerns, please reach out to

“Education is not preparation of life, education is life itself”

Goals & Objectives

  • Provide educational assistance loans to needy and qualified Rajasthani students for under graduate and graduate studies in US.
  • Help students network and leverage resources within the community for mentoring / internships / jobs.
  • Help students to integrate with MMNA/Rajasthani community to build and strengthen the community.
  • Raise funds through donations to help more students and increase the loan amount.
  • Work on recoveries of loans
  • Stay connected with the students

MMNA Education Committee Members and Contact Info

The MMNA Education Committee members are all volunteers and provide these services as a service to the community. These members believe in the noble cause of education. The Committee is managed by MMNA Education Committee Chairperson.

If you would like to volunteer your time, please reach out to the MMNA Education Committee:

Name Email Number Photo
Ashish Daga +1 (917) 828-2563

Ashish Daga
Dhananjay Navandar