The MMNA Matrimonial team is dedicated in helping find the right life partner for Maheshwaris/Rajasthanis living outside India. The facilitation is done through a mobile app. The app provides easy navigation to connect users with potential matches based on their preferences. Users can customize their profiles with personal information, photos, and bio data. They can also filter potential matches based on age, profession, and other preferences.  The app also has enhanced privacy features to protect the personal details of the registrant.

The Matrimonial team carries out the necessary background check on each new registrant to ensure that the person is legit.

The service is provided at no cost to the registrants. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I register a profile for a relative or a sibling?
No. The registration must be carried out by the candidate.

2. Can I create multiple profiles with a single login?
No. A profile is tied to its login user. There can be only one profile per user.

3. What is the process of registration/profile activation?
As part of registration, you must fill all the required fields in your profile. The Matrimonial team carries out the background check (which may take a day or two). A profile that is completely filled will help expedite the approval process. Once approved, the registrant can start using the app.