MMNA Education Loan Assistance Program

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Overall Guidelines, Eligibility, Due Dates:

MMNA Educational Loan Assistance is for a needy Maheshwari / Rajasthani student pursuing Masters / Post-Masters education in North America (USA or Canada).

For detailed guidelines, please refer to the application form.

How to Apply?

Application Approval Process:

All the applications received by the MMNA Education Committee members are reviewed for completeness and merit by the Education Committee as per the MMNA defined Guidelines. Based on the available funding, the number of applications received and the merits of each application, MMNA Education Committee makes a recommendation for processing the education assistance loan to the applicants. Once the applications are approved by the President of MMNA, the checks are processed and mailed by MMNA, Treasurer to the current address of the applicant.

Our Process:

In an effort to maximize transparency in our application approval process, the Education Committee has outlined its approach for the evaluation of the applications, as follows:

  • Prior Educational Background of the candidate
  • Perform need assessment of the candidate
  • Engage in a dialogue/interview with the potential candidate
  • Conduct an internal review to evaluate the candidate
  • Inform candidate of the outcome/decision
  • Recommend an education loan assistance amount (based on the availability of & demand for funds)
  • Mail disbursement checks to the current address of the candidate, on arrival in North America

MMNA Education Committee:

Name Email Number Photo
Ashish Daga +1 (917) 828-2563

Ashish Daga
Dhananjay Navandar

Refund of Education Assistance Loans:

All the recipients of the education assistance MUST repay the loan amount to MMNA. These refunds are circulated back to assist other new applicants. Thus, it is the duty and the responsibility of each & every applicant to refund the loan amount to MMNA.

The refund checks should be written in favor of ‘MMNA’ and mailed to MMNA at the current published address. The current address of the MMNA Treasurer is as follows:

MMNA Treasurer

1115 Grand Hamptons Dr.

Herndon, VA  20170

Education Assistance Donations:

We appeal to you to generously donate to the worthy cause of MMNA Education Assistance Fund. Your contributions will help us to extend our reach and help the needy students. Your donations would be tax-exempt. If you would like to donate funds for this program, please mail a check payable to ‘MMNA’ at the following address or contact us by email at for more information.

MMNA Treasurer

1115 Grand Hamptons Dr.

Herndon, VA  20170