Gangaur Pooja Vidhi Samagri

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Gangaur Pooja Samagri (material):

  • Idols of Shiv and Parvati/ Photo/ Copy of Mandana
  • Kumkum, Haldi, Rice, Mehndi, Kajal, Flowers, Paan, Supari, Doob(Grass), Moli, Diya
  • Fal (prepared of wheat flour, ghee and jaggery/gud)
  • Any sweets/ Halwa
  • Jawara/Wheatgrass, Coins, Colorful cloth, Badhua/Spinach/ Phogli ki pindi (steamed and mashed), Glass of water.

Gangaur Pooja Vidhi:

  1. Start the Gangaur Pooja by first by stepping inside the house where pooja is done with a pot of water and flower in it & then sing the song ‘Badiwala’. It signifies asking Shivji (Isarji) and Parvatiji (Gauraji) to open the door so that we can do their Puja.
  2. Start by worshiping the jawara/ wheat grass in the pot. Apply kumkum and rice, tie moli around the jawara. On the pot put 16 dots of kumkum, followed by kajal then mehndi. Pull out few jawaras/wheatgrass from the pot. Place the pot on the side by the idols/photo/mandana.
  3. Make Ganeshji with supari and moli and place them in front of the idol/photo/mandana.
  4. Put Tikis of Kumkum, Kajal & Mehandi.
  5. Sprinkle water on idol/photo/copy of mandana, pretend to brush their (idols/photo/mandana) teeth with spinach stems that are tied with moli and then offer them in front of the idol/photo/mandana. Also offer halwa, puri, bathua pindi and fal (16 Fal for married and 8 for unmarried)
  6. Perform the pooja of the idols/photo/mandana by applying kumkum, rice, mehndi, Moli, flowers and colorful cloth. Sing the song Uncho Chavro Chokhuto
  7. Sing “Gor-Gor Gomati”; if possible with a partner or by yourself.
  8. Sing some Gangaur songs.
    • Links to Gangaur Songs: Coming Soon
  9. Pick up few Jawaras in your hands and read/listen to the stories, then offer the jawaras back in front of the idol/photo/mandana.
  10. Take the glass of water and pour it on the ground facing the Sun followed by making circles while continuously pouring water and singing “El Khel” song.
  11. Bow your head in front of the idol/photo/mandana asking Shiv and Parvati to bestow their blessing on all the family members.
  12. After completing the puja get few Fal and eat them as Prasad before having your food.