Jai Shree Krishna

I am honored and privileged to take over the role of President of MMNA.  I truly appreciate your confidence and support shown in my ability to lead this organization.

I am thankful to our past National Executive Committee (NEC) and President Shri Vikasji Bhutada for their amazing contributions.  With the support of the Board of Trustees (BOT), the entire MMNA team worked tirelessly to bring the organization to the next level.  I would also like to recognize the excellent efforts from all the past presidents, their teams, and BOT and would like to thank them all for their contributions.

Goals and Vision

I look forward to working with the outstanding NEC team, Chapter Presidents, and Initiative leaders. I will collaborate with the BOT to ensure smooth and successful execution of current initiatives that are in place, bring new ideas as well as provide the needed inputs for better outcomes:

  • Engage and stay connected with our seniors in various forums and strive to seek their guidance and learn from their valuable experiences.
  • Encourage our youth (RAYS) involvement in various Initiatives and activities to bring innovative ideas.
  • Continue to attract and engage new members.
  • Encourage members to sign up for Life Membership.
  • Engage families and celebrate our rich culture and heritage through our newly enhanced Sakhi group.
  • Continue to develop all initiatives such as Education, Matrimonial, Business and Philanthropy.
  • Build global connections with the existing and new like-minded Rajasthani organizations and communities.
  • Launch Professional Networking Group.
  • Bring our current Digital initiative to the next level.


MMNA was founded over three decades ago in 1983 and it now has over 4000 registered members in ten different chapters across North America. MMNA’s goal is to connect with all the Masheshwari’s living in the USA and represent our community, our culture, support philanthropic activities, and organize conventions.

Historically Maheshwaris across the globe have found more success as professionals, doctors, teachers, engineers, politicians and are continuing to do so. Our youth are making a difference in their work and our culture.

Accomplishments – Working together 

MMNA leaders  and active volunteers continue to provide their selfless services to raise the organization to new heights each year. “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart” –  Elizabeth Andrew.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate all the accomplishments and great work happening across the MMNA Pariwar:

  • MMNA has organized ten Conventions across North America bringing the community together. Even during this pandemic, held a Virtual Utsav 2020 over three weekends in October with the leadership of President Vikasji Bhutada and many volunteers. Jitendra Muchhal, sootradhar for Utsav, worked with all the volunteers, youth and sakhi teams for a smooth execution and ensured everyone was engaged and was having fun!
  • MMNA continues to provide education support to many students in North America, thanks to the generous donors.
  • The Matrimonial team continues with interactive virtual sessions, with the guidance and leadership of our Past President Paragji Bajaj, NEC, BOT, Sakhi and RAYS.  There have been many success stories from our Matrimonial initiative.
  • Our Sakhi group is going strong, and never misses any festival celebrations to give sakhis a feel of home, Rajasthan. Thanks to our past president Seemaji Rathi and the past Sakhi chairs who supported this initiative.
  • The RAYS team hosted one of the Virtual Utsav 2020 sessions, bringing all age groups together. They also launched a Junior Rays mentorship program.
  • The Digital Team revamped the website for Vision 2020,  for a modern look-and-feel and built with membership profiles.  This made the Virtual Utsav possible!
  • Business initiative leaders conducted several webinars. Cryptocurrency was one such webinar and was very well received.
  • Philanthropy initiative leaders worked with social and charitable organizations to help those in need across many chapters.
  • Seniors initiative team held webinars for the senior group.

Finally, I will encourage active participation from all regions across North America, so that all the members can have more fun, get involved, and keep enriching the community!

I look forward to working with our current BOT chair Shri Ghanshyamji Heda and the rest of the team. The BOT team includes the following Members, Pushpalata Heda, Rajesh Kabra, Sushil Kumar Birla, Hiralal Maheshwari, Narendra Zamwar, Pradeep Kumar Tapadiya, Dev Kishore Maheshwari, Rajesh Rathi and Prabhulal Rathi. (Narendra Zamwar, Dr. Hiralal Maheshwari, and Sri Rajesh Rathi replaced Smt. Sushma Pallod, Sri Shyam Maheshwari and Sri Ghanshyam Das Birla respectively.)

As I step into the role of MMNA president, I am so pleased to welcome our new NEC team, Sri Mukul Rathi (Vice-President), Sri Keshavlal Rathi (Vice-President), Sri Swapnil Laddha (Vice-President), Dr. Rahul Nawander (Vice-President), Sri Praveen Gattani (General Secretary), Sri Swapnil Chandak (Joint Secretary), Smt. Lata Maheshwari (Treasurer), and Sri Jitendra Maheshwari (Joint Treasurer). 

We all look forward to working with all of you and helping our community flourish.

Please continue to check our MMNA Website for updates on committee members and upcoming events.

Abhilasha Rathi and Team